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A Proposal to Ban Farm Implements

03-12-2003, 18:07
All nations are advised that Farm Implements are cruel and unnecessary devices to civilian populations of nations around the world.

These Implements indiscriminately maim and kill civilian farmers. When planting or harvest ends, Farm Implements pose a serious threat to farming and render large portions of land unusable due to the necessity for storage, maintenance of the Farm Implement devices or their pollutant fuels. The expense and difficulty of maintaining Farm Implements after planting or harvesting ceases means that farmland and other areas might be left fallow due to these egregious costs thus robbing the populations of any benefits derived from any such enterprise.

For this reason the immediate banning of the use of Farm Implements used in any enterprise carried out by UN countries is called for.
03-12-2003, 18:10
Compare this poll to that of Landmines...

my bad!!
03-12-2003, 18:24
This is truly a momentous proposal. Most U.N. resolutions would merely set the world back two or three hundred years, but this one would take us all the way back to the STONE AGE!!!

Congratulations on a job well done. :D
03-12-2003, 18:46
Stop it, yer makin' me blush.

I figure if the UN is gonna embrace almost every "we know what is best for you, move along, you'll be informed how to perform" proposal, we might as well start the world all over again.

Now, about the egregious impacts of free thinking on the commonweal... we need to consider banning unapproved thoughts.