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When is criticism of the UN legitimate?

Free Denmark
02-12-2003, 17:07
I'm concerned about the tendency to say to all critics that if you are unhappy with the UN, then you should leave. This view has been expressed even by a game mod (I cannot recall who it was, sorry), which has given me - perhaps erronous - impression that this is more or less official policy. While some of the anti-UN criticisms are so rude as to beg such a response (I recall someone who said that if you are a supporter of the current policies you were either a woman or a homosexual!!! Thankfully a mod intervened), not all criticisms of the UN are like that. The UN is currently mainly passing resolutions that have a left-wing (for lack of a better word) bent. This makes it highly unattractive for capitalist/libertarian nations like my own to join (I'm not a UN member by the way). But the UN is the only game in town, which is why I feel that capitalist/libertarian nations have a perfectly valid point in their criticism. To say that if they are unhappy with current policies, then they should leave is a bit like saying that if you are unhappy with your government's policies, then move to another country.
03-12-2003, 04:06
More importantly is: Why is all criticism about the UN taking away soveriegnty?

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