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A United Nations Mission Statement

01-12-2003, 20:58
It is our view that the role of the United Nations is not to create binding legislation. In our view, the UN is too large (and thus unwieldy) and too diverse an organization to try to write and enforce proposals that attempt to micromanage policy for member nations. A case in point is a current motion to enforce gun waiting times. The motion states:

Gun crime is on the rise, this is due to lax gun laws. I propose that a waiting period be put on all hand guns and rifles, the current waiting period be increased, psychiatric evaluations be given to all gun buyers and all holders of more that one weapon must hold a State Armorers licence which will intitle them to a max of 2 pistols 4 rifles (one automatic) and a max of 1000 rounds of ammunition in total. I also propose a tax for all sellers of weapons who opperate from store fronts, a tax on civilian versions of weapons, some of the more deadly civilian versions be recalled or modified and all hollow points be recalled from sale. These measures will restrict the amount of weapons in the hands of civilians and the number of fatal shootings.

If this motion was submitted to the Senate of the Missouri, it is quite probable that our nation would adopt such legislation. However, the motion is higly specific in its language, and in our view, assumes far too much about the cultural, polical and economic uniformity of the members of the United Nations.

Rather, we believe that the function of the UN should be the development and statement of guiding principles and standards subscribed and adhered to by all members, but that are broad enough that they can be interpreted sympathetically to local needs by member nations. We further believe that a mission statement should be developed for the United Nations, with the hope of clarifying the purpose of the organization, and to reduce the number of proposals that - while ethically and politically sound - are unrealistic and unadvisable because of the level of micromangement required and implied in the body of the proposal.

For example, we might state the above proposal to the UN as follows:

Recognising the rights of citizens to live their lives free from fear of crime, and recognising the percentage of murders committed with firearms, the United Nations requires member states to take adequate measures to ensure the registration and regulation of firearms. Member nations will also ensure that firearms may not be purchased without appropriate checks being undertaken to ensure the good character and good intentions of the prospective owner.

While this language would still be slightly too specific for our liking, this makes the proposal much broader, much more workable, and more ready for debate on the actual issues - and it is the issues, not the minutiae that should concern the United Nations.

We have not yet written the specifics of such a proposal, and wonder if such a motion would gather support asmongst members from both teh right and the left of the polical spectrum, as we believe that creating a mission statement benefits all concerned in some ways, and we believe that the one we would propose - namely The function of the United Nations is to establish and maintain guiding principals and standards that are binding to all members, while recognising and allowing for the regional, cultural, polical and economic diversity of member nations.

Mr. John Major
Chair, Senate Foreign Affairs committee
The Confederacy of the Missouri