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Free information act.

01-12-2003, 17:23
This is not as of yet, a proposal. However, I am wondering it's validity as it falls into a grey area in the proposal rules.

I wouldn't even know what catagory to put it in.

The need for a nation to understand itself is important. Especially we of the UN, the true examples of man. This is why the Diddiopiots and the peoples of Continentica we represent feel that there should be an option for a country's leader to view all information pertaining to said country. These figures include export strength, apathy, poverty, taxes, tariffs, religious-ness, etc. This will not be the default, as some would be overwhelmed by such figures, there should be an option to, as members of the UN. This will also boost the UN's numbers, as people will want access to this information. This will only strengthen the community, as the democratic processes will recieve a greater sample of Nations.

Submitted to the General Assembly
by Diddiopia, Regional Delegate of Continentica

Given, it is somewhat bending the rules, but so is the proposal "Hippos are Big!"