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UN Securities Act

01-12-2003, 13:15
As many of you have become increasingly aware, there is allot of hostility toward the UN right now. What is being suggested is a small, and powerful, personal military force. This force would be only for use in the "Best Interest" of the UN, and only controlled by the UN as a whole. Many have pledged against the UN, and we need to take action, and insure the UN can secure order if order is lost.
This Resolution would help by putting more precautions in at our nations to prevent any terrorist attack , and at the same time give some of the smaller nations a fighting force, by which they could help protect the UN and its brother nations. Please, see the resolution titled "UN Securities Act" The UN I believe can benifit from this greatly. Thank you for your support.
-Samus Romulus President, and Commander and Chief of -Logos-
01-12-2003, 16:37
Be careful. Be very, very careful.

Ambrose Woodfellow
State Department
Commonwealth of Treeonia