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Gambling Anonymous Institution

30-11-2003, 18:14
Gambling Anonymous Institution

Description: 1.All gambling bussines must have permit from there government.
2.All gambling bussines must donate 10% of profit to Gambling Anonymous Institution.
3.Gambling Anonymous Institution must be free for all people and provide psihology and conter-gambling help programs

Vote FOR this proposal, it will help all gambling addict people and put them back on right track.

Best regards, dule
30-11-2003, 18:48
Wantonness tables an ammendment requiring all gambling establishments to use only toytown money. All punters must be given 100,000 credits upon arrival and stop gambling when they have lost the lot, as inevitably they will, due to the odds always being in favour of the Gambling establishment. As no real money is used the weak-minded gamblers will not lose their actual incomes and thus prevent all the domestic stress that would otherwise ensue.

Wantonness also suggests that literacy rates in Dule be increased to avoid simple spelling errors.
30-11-2003, 22:18
exelent suggestion. i wonder why came out of your fingers?
01-12-2003, 00:04
Any affront upon the gambling industry represents an undue burden upon the primary industry of my nation. I respectfully suggest that it be doused with gasoline, or perhaps liquid hydrogen for those concerned with the environment, and burnt to a cinder...
01-12-2003, 06:56
Gambling remains unregulated in my nation. If someone wants to blow all their hard-earned wages on instant lotto tickets, that is their decision and they must live with the consequences.
01-12-2003, 06:57
ok, we get two opinion. any other?

Status: (requires 117 more approvals)
01-12-2003, 07:21
I'm not convinced at all that the United Nations should consider this proposal. Why is it an international issue?
The Lowcountry
01-12-2003, 16:22
This is not an interntional issue. It has no place as a resolution in the UN and as such, should be deleted from the proposals by the game mods. That having been said, how is it anyone's fault but the gambling addict that he or she has a gambling problem? Why should my nation's industry suffer due the weakness of others? This is just another example of people looking to blame others for their own shortcomings.

Tom, King of the Lowcountry
01-12-2003, 18:33
I'll bet that the Gambling Anonymous proposal doesn't make it to a vote.