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Rational Equal Rights Act - Last Day!

The Global Market
30-11-2003, 17:28
Delegates! Please approve A Rational Equal Rights Act:

A Rational Equal Rights Act
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights Strength: Strong Proposed by: The Global Market
Description: Recognizing the scrouge of institutionalized discrimination, yet careful not to intrude on individualism, the freedom of association, and other freedoms of private individuals, as well as acknowleding that unlike racism, sexism is sometimes necessary, be the following points resolved:

Section I. No nation, nor the United Nations, shall deny to any citizen the equal protection of the laws solely on account of race.
Section II. No nation, nor the United Nations, shall expand or abridge the privileges or responsibilities of any citizen solely on account of race.
Section III. Enforced racial segregation in public places is hereby abolished.
Section IV. That the burden of proof in proving racial discrimination shall be that, with all else being equal, a person of one race was given significant advantage over another.
Section V. No nation, nor the United Nations, shall deny to any citizen the equal protection of the laws on account of gender, except in cases where gender is the actual issue at hand.
Section VI. That gender segregation in public places may only be done on a separate-but-equal basis.

Approvals: 71 (HellspawnHellbound, Scyphia, Kahta, Dionalka, Avalonian Angels, Stephistan, Big Melon, Nirauan, Nouvelle Zealandia, Slagkattunger, Carebearhugs, Lamoni, Cazaran, Labor and Science, Naleth, Purpleation, Endolantron, Sulon, Xaqon, Labradoria, Benlandia, Fundamentalist Monkies, Laurenendor, Sic Tranist Gloria, Pope Hope, Draumeland, _Myopia_, Christopher IV, Butthole, LWT, NonReligiousGovernment, Dracyion, Mountville, Raptorda, Little Russia, Little Bigplace, LowBrainia, Derebey, Sosialdemokratia, Patalano, Mundainia, Snakestongue, Old Tower, Standard, Metternic, EXCITING EXISTANCE, Checkoslovakia, Cyke, Demagogues, Knootoss, Mizani, Hidlberg, Free Minds Enslaved, Loewenbrau, Fahayekland, Wordem, Koth-Amon, Luna Amore, France Sucks Alot, Shasta Mountain, Hamme, Aerosania, Obershnide, Damkantsia, Psycoid, Fame Academy Rejects, Galician folk, The Prelapsarian State, Jenny Sparks, Knottland, The Global Market)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 56 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Sun Nov 30 2003

The Confederated Trade League of The Global Market has approved this proposal. [Withdraw Approval]
30-11-2003, 18:19
I'd be fascinated to know why a well-written, sensible proposal like this is languishing in the proposals list without enough support, while that last Equality for All nonsense which forbade us from so much as breathing lest we hurt a microbe got all the way to the floor.

Maybe after the Equality for All proposal, everyone figured that there weren't any proposals worth supporting in the proposals list.

Everyone should support this proposal, because in my opinion, even if you don't intend to vote for it, we need more well-written proposals to vote on, and less poorly written, incomprehensible drivel.
The Global Market
30-11-2003, 18:26
Thank you. We finally found something to agree on :).
30-11-2003, 18:37
Don't get used to it. :P

Seriously though, we need more well-written proposals to vote on. It has got to the point where I would seriously considering approving proposals which I would want to vote against (not the case here) just to break the cycle of nonsense.

If this expires, I strongly suggest that you resubmit it, perhaps under a different title (just so people don't dismiss it as soon as they see "Equal Rights" and remember the "Equal Rights for All" proposal). This is the sort of proposal which is worthy of the United Nations.