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English Proposal Act

28-11-2003, 19:36
This is just stupid. Whoever created this act is absoloutely narrow minded and opinionated to think that English just must be the dominante language in the world.

This Act will tear apart a nation's culture and traditions, and their historical pride of where they come from. It will only promote English speaking nations while putting down European/Asian nations from ever succeeding in this world. May this act die and go to hell.

Also, (sorry about my ranting. This act is just stupid and I need to make a clear point of this) whoever created this, do you realize that English has just become one of the most popular languages in the world? In the past, English was too barbaric to be spoken during Official court cases and government actions. Even in England, English was not used for important documents concerning international relations but was instead used in French. So please be aware whoever created this act that this is the stupidest proposal ever created.