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Should The UN Bring Back My Nation Uniginia?

28-11-2003, 12:16
I had a nation T quinn, annoying me constantly for months, then i snapped, had a go and now its deleted, i know its in the rules but im sure everyone would get annoyed after a while and I ask if it can be ressurected.

I ask anyone else to display thier feeling
28-11-2003, 15:49
someone deleted my poll
30-11-2003, 13:05
please people tell me your feelings
30-11-2003, 16:15
um........... why not?
30-11-2003, 16:23
The mods do have a thing about not reviving deleted nations, but hey! you might get lucky....
30-11-2003, 18:19
MODALERT :arrow: Moderation

Although it's almost definitely not going to happen.