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Repeal WHL-calling all delegates

15-11-2003, 13:45
Ok-I made a proposal to repeal WHL. Those of you who are delegates and can support this, please go look at it.
15-11-2003, 13:57
Although I would like to see this repealed too, I am afr4aid Game Moderator Enodia has spoken:

"2. Game Mechanics Proposal
We've been down this street previously. Thankfully, they're becoming slightly less prevalent at the moment. It is important to notice, however, that proposals to repeal other resolutions are Game Mechanics Changes. This is because you are effectively asking for the statistics of your nation to be re-set to what they were before the proposal was passed - given that statistics are a part of the Game Mechanics, that's what you want changed. "
15-11-2003, 14:02
Crum-I didn't see it as a game mechanics issue since, in this instance, there isn't much of an effect caused by WHL in the first place.

The effect is soley one of RP'ing....
15-11-2003, 14:34
After reading the FAQ on making proposals carefully, I have come to the conclusion that I made an error in submitting my proposal to repeal WHL. Initially, I didn't think it affected game mechanics. I still don't except that it sets a precedent for repeals that the game isn't set up to handle.

So, I repectfully request my proposal to repeal whl be deleted.

Lady Tabitha
15-11-2003, 15:37
I personally think there should be more flexibility to allow for repeals and second thoughts. The reasoning against it seems obscure to me.
The Dark Pheonix
15-11-2003, 15:51
No repeals, at all, o.k. remove my purposal as well then, but I don't understand how it changes game mechanics, but in any case, there should be a method of repeal.
15-11-2003, 15:56
While repeals are not allowed, it would seem that an old resolution can be replaced with a new resolution. If you look through the resolutions passed, note two resolutions in particular. The first is "Required Basic Healthcare" the second is "'RBH' Replacement."
15-11-2003, 16:21
I was considering that...there is a similar pair of resolutions having to do with children's right to an education.
15-11-2003, 18:45
[OOC: There was some talk a while back about creating a mechanism for repeal. Do any mods know what happened to that possibility?]

A better bet might be to create an amendment--one which doesn't even need to mention the current law. Probably one in the category "Free Trade," that stated something like:

"From this point forward, nations will only be able to declare environmental heritage sites within their own borders or in international areas. Nations can *nominate* sites globally, but final approval will rest with the nation affected by the declaration."

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