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Regarding 'correct use of Apostrophes'

13-11-2003, 22:52
It is not difficult to learn and apply the simple rules concerning apostrophes in many languages spoken by UN member states, and to do so consistently would make the world a better, more orderly and less annoying place. Isn't it? All languages have the same apostrophe rules do they? I didn't know this.

This resolution would make it illegal to incorrectly use apostrophes without good reason throughout the UN nations, and would institute a small fine for any business that was found guilty.

Whilst arguably syntactically correct, the form ",and" is generally poor grammar. Should we put effort into educating people when and where commas are required? After all, a comma is a delimiter yet it's being used in in collocation with a conjunctive. It's positively damaging to a sentence, often more so than a misplaced apostrophe.

The point here of course is that everyone makes mistakes with their writing, does that make it fair and correct to fine those who make minor mistakes? The proposal writer obviously is far from perfect themselves.
13-11-2003, 23:08
now i am curious what type of apostrophe you are refering to?

To indicate the r'moval of letters from a word?

To indicate the possessives?

Or an address to an absent party?

Which one have people been misusing?