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Please endorse my proposal to save the endangered animals.

31-10-2003, 17:30
Please do not merely pass this by if you are a conservative.
1) Henceforth, so shall it be that all "groups of animals" that are named by any country as an endangered species shall be protected throughout the world.
2) So shall it be that special zoos be constructed to house any such "group of animals" that are deemed endangered.
3) So shall it be that deemed "groups of animals" are placed in the zoos so as to protect them and to protect the public from any harm the endangered animal may cause the public.
4) So shall it be that visitors may visit and pay an admission fee to see the endangered "group of animals" to cover the cost of construction and maintenance of said zoo.
5) Help us to protect "groups of animals" like: the spotted owl, the evil snail, liberals, the American Crocodile, socialists, the Formicran platypus, the Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker, and any other animals your country deems endangered.
6) Please save all endangered species, and protect them from harm. Please save the endangered species so that they may cause no harm to anyone...even if it is their natural instinct to do so.
7) Please Save the Endangered Critters!
31-10-2003, 17:41
The Nazi is a protected species in my country after a education and understanding effectively destroyed their movement. The BNP is very kindly breeding them for us.
31-10-2003, 19:31
Thank you for your support. I know together we can accomplish anything.