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Ammend Common Sense Act II

Racist white people
14-09-2003, 18:03
Many problems have arisen through attempting to "repeal" "Common Sense Act II" for every attempt has been deleted.
I've now reproduced the original "repeal" and modified it to "ammend" the act instead.
check "Ammend Common Sense Act II"
and please approve
14-09-2003, 22:39
yaes my friend RWP... I've proposed the ammendment...
But I guess after a couple days people loose interest.
First proposal = 65 approvals, deleted
2nd = 40+ approvals, deleted
3rd = 5 approvals
15-09-2003, 17:39
well this is bullshit indeed.
I've asked twice now for an answer and have got nothing but deleted proposals.
16-09-2003, 01:51
I haven't posted before, but I just wanted to mention something that's really annoying me, because I'm anal about stuff like that.

For the record, I do support an amendment or repeal of this resolution.

But, something is really getting on my nerves. Amend has one m. Not 2. Only one. So therefore, you have been misspelling this word. For your reference, amend and amendment are spelled as I just typed them.

16-09-2003, 11:24
Apparently the Mods feel that it is beyond the scope of the UN to attempt to repeal or amend CSA II and/or Axis of Evil, nor try to set into place provisions to prevent similar resolutions in the future. It is with that that the Oppressed Peoples of Nipplestretchistan has decided to round up every tourist within its borders that is connected to a UN member who voted for CSA II or AoE and execute them publicly. Future visitors from those offending nations will also be shot on sight. Of course, we also officially withdraw from the UN, both as Delegate and as Member.

Join the Axle of Elvis! Death to the UN!
16-09-2003, 18:46
The Federation of Flaming Moderates will not shed one tear due to your departure. Toodles...