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Respecting the spirit of the law

14-09-2003, 16:36
The Spirit of the Law
A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.

Category: The Furtherment of Democracy Strength: Significant Proposed by: Cirdanistan
Description: It is hereby deemed illegal to exploit so-called loopholes in legislatiion and UN resolutions.

Approvals: 0

Status: Lacking Support (requires 122 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Wed Sep 17 2003
endorse this proposal to stop all the lawyers making a fortune out of obscure meaning of a few ords in key pieces of legislation!
Elven Groves
14-09-2003, 16:39
Can you explain in detail? maybe give some examples?
14-09-2003, 16:41
Maybe you should write a resolution about needing a lawyer to write better resolutions. No one will go for 'follow the spirit of it'.
The Global Market
14-09-2003, 16:41
That's a good point especially when you're complainign about my nation dsecription.