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Please endorse my proposal -- Freedom of Faith (REVISED)

14-09-2003, 05:17
Freedom of Faith
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights
Strength: Mild
Proposed by: Cosmic Latte
Description: A person has a right to choose his creed (or no creed at all), and he must still be accepted by his countrymen at any instance whatsoever. This is a free world.

Applies to all peace-loving states:
1. No discrimination should be acted against people of other religions/beliefs in establishments, quorums, and the like.
2. In commiting a crime, the person accused must not be judged by his faith (for conviction), but by the strength of evidence and the crime.
3. Practice of religion is allowed in the public.
4. A person has a right to convert to another religion if he finds it justifiable to do so.

Lacking Support (requires 92 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Tue Sep 16 2003

I think this has a potential.

Thank you!!! :D
14-09-2003, 16:16
As Cosmic Latte's delegate, I concur.

More later.
Elven Groves
14-09-2003, 16:23
Your ganna need more support then that, also theres not much infor there, any more info woul dbe nice.
14-09-2003, 16:31
We at Carpage would certainly welcome many religions, however after stamping out the Cult of Baby Eating Satanists, we would not like to see them welcomed back. Please be more specific and we will support you. Until then I advise my delegate and the delegates of the NCA regions to not support this.

Johan Mopp
Carpage Spokesman
Department of Faith Based Surveillance
14-09-2003, 16:39
My religious doctrine states we must oppress people of other creeds. Can you write in something about that?