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Common Sense Act II

12-09-2003, 09:21
What a ludicrous proposal! what stupidity, that the United Nations of Nationstates would even contemplate supporting this bill!

Courts are designed to judge a case on its merits. To reach an outcome, that is fair on the balance of probabilities in the civil jurisidiction that are highlighted in the bill. This responsibility should be left with the courts.

The only possible legislation, that the People of Terra Capricornia could support, is a cap on the amount of damages awarded to successful complainants.

The courts are trusted, and we believe SHOULD be trusted, to decide what is reasonable. And every case must be heard on its merits. We cannot dismiss cases before hearing them, on the basis they appear to be trivial.

Ultimately, this is primarily an individual civil issue. NOT one, the People of Terra Capricornia believe, should be controlled by a central governing body like the United Nations.