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United Security Provisions Act

12-09-2003, 04:52
United Security Provisions Act

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security
Strength: Significant
Proposed by: Sporkopolis

Description: Whereas the peace of the entire world is a delicate balance;

Whereas a military stance is often a necessary step to attaining or restoring peace;

Whereas said military action requires a headquarters for operations to be centralized within;

Where as We, the Sovereign and Independent Members of this United Nations stand for common interest for the betterment of the world;

Whereas the presence of international threat has proceded by way of direct attacks by which someone set up us the bomb;

Therefore, this United Nations does hereby declare that all your base are belong to us. The enemies of peace have no chance to survive. It is recommended by this body that said enemy should make their time.

This United Nations shall establish within an organisation known as the Zero-Insurrection Group (ZIG), that can be mobilized to respond to all threats against international security and promote peace.

For great Justice!
12-09-2003, 11:59
Would you please keep that stupid joke to yourself?
12-09-2003, 14:50
Would you please keep that stupid joke to yourself?
No. The proposal is actually serious in nature, but included a bit of light-heartedness to remind us that this is just a game.
12-09-2003, 21:23
Is an international peace keeping force not worth discussing?
12-09-2003, 21:28
We the PROA would like to point out that a number of people are currently trying to repeal the little international security that we have, so we feel that this will get next to no support.
12-09-2003, 21:31
ZIG would not be established as a military strike force - its primary function would be in negotiations and gathering of intelligence for the purpose of maintaining peace. While it would provide armed troops, their purpose is not to wage war, but to ensure the safety of the Zero-Insurrection Group while they attempt to restore peace.