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Social ills; wouldn't it be better to act in hope ?

10-09-2003, 15:01
Our nations are hoping to formulate a new social proposal and we would like to test the waters and recieve feedback before progressing:

We are free but we are chained, only the grotesque within our society rampage, marauders who have cast aside the chains of social convention and consideration for others. Is it these chains that give us true freedom or is it what makes us victims to the unchained. We have a problem with victims in the western world, we don't want to be near them, but we don't mind hearing of their trials, because if its happening to them it cant be happening to us.

But what of the marauders what can be done about them. Our laws and governing bodies protect their rights. Callous youths and hardened sociopath's can smash and terrorise at will. Its not their fault we are taught that society (us) failed them. They were not protected they were not nurtured enough. But society fails everyone, it is massive and un-whieldy. But it is only a minority who choose to cast of their social chains and spread pain and suffering to those in their path. What can be done about them. Just because they are in pain and society failed to protect them does that mean we can let them loose, and show our shame and sorrow for their state by protecting them now against the repercussions they have raised.

Where does the responsibility rest for an individuals actions ? With the individual or with society ? Who should we protect more the victim or the damaged individual hurting them. Yes we should have done more, but even individuals with the most perfect past and loving care can cut loose not everyone is suited to chains of responsibility. And its too late now they have already chosen to hurt others, is that they key that they made a choice, do we deny that they have any responsibility just because they don't want any, for what they have done ?

We are taught that the only answer is to ensure that society does not fail that it is steadfast and that no one would want to abandon its constraints, but this is a utopian ideal, with much merit but little actuality. In doing so, society fails the victim too for they have suffered the moment because of the demands of a dream. What of them, like the marauder pain and sorrow has entered their lives and is reshaping it. Its attention was not called or craved, just feared. So society fails again and yet more damaged individuals emerge within our society.

A surgeon cuts the cancer from a patients body, in doing so he cause harm and injury to the body. Their is no guarantee that the patient will survive or benefit just hope and the knowledge that without attempting to somthing to stem the tide all hope is lost. We leave our partners because the pain of the relationship is too much to bear. We are guaranteed nothing from this move but loneliness and solitude, but we make it in hope or desperation.

When will these nations become desperate when will we start to forcibly remove our social cancers in the hope that life will improve for the majority. And is it a time to be feared because will we wait to long will we be filled with hate will we overreact and cut too far and for too long. Will we be able to trust the social chains again to keep us all free within the cage we have devised ? Wouldn't it be better to act now as the surgeon in a calm and measured way, wouldn't it be better to act in hope rather than desperation ?

Should we act now or wait ?
Free Outer Eugenia
10-09-2003, 15:06
We should utilize the Clockwork Orange techique :roll:
10-09-2003, 15:31
We should utilize the Clockwork Orange techique :roll:

:idea: Sure why not ! Anymore pat anwers ?

I mean is it even an issue, lets just let things be /Sarcasm/ :roll:

Calm acceptence of the status-quo gets you nothing but inner peace, but what about your responsibility to the people living in your society ? :?
10-09-2003, 15:36
[ooc: Keep yer glassies open with little hooks, we will, and make ye viddy some films of the ol' in-out-in-out, and a little of the old.... ultraviolence.]
10-09-2003, 15:37
Sorry GWOE, but we here in Stakanovia don't really have a clue what you're on about.
10-09-2003, 16:06
Sorry GWOE, but we here in Stakanovia don't really have a clue what you're on about.

Sorry dressed it up a little too much. Basically trying to start a debate on how to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. And suggesting that maybe taking the kid gloves off a little will be beneficial now rather than waiting for it to get worse and becoming more radical and unbalanced. :wink:
10-09-2003, 17:30
We the People's Republic Of Amyth are curious if there is just a problem there, or if there is any mention of possible solutions, other than surgery?