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How are the Mods voting on Common Sense Act II?

10-09-2003, 13:37
We all know that Stephistan has campaigned strongly against Common Sense Act II, but how are the other mods voting? I would like to know, just out of curiosity. Mods, please reply.
Liberty Fighters
10-09-2003, 14:21
I too would like to see the mods, i am split on the decision. Seeing the pros and cons layed out for me would be most helpful
10-09-2003, 14:55
I think there are more then enough threads about this topic. I therefore am going to lock this thread. However, if your question was really posed to the other mods, they will still be able to reply if they so choose because mods can reply to lock threads. However, I don't want to see 10 threads all about the same topic. I would like to keep it down to just a few please.

Thank You.

Forum Mod.