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Civil Unrest in The Fornolad!

08-09-2003, 17:41
The following is a statement by the High Council of The Nomadic Peoples of Sibley:

The rebels and bandits that have plagued our nation from the beginning have somehow united and seized several townships and important members of the High Council, demanding large sums of money in exchange for their safe return. Being nomads, we regard money with utter contempt and have vowed to ensure their safe return by killing every last member of the rebel clans involved. We believe that the threat to our national unity (which is a little shaky at the best of times) is great enough to warrant a civil war on this scale. We understand that other UN members may have some issues with this. Would our position as UN members become untenable if we chose to pursue this course of action?
08-09-2003, 19:17
This post (not this thread) is Out-Of-Character.

Any roleplay actions that you take will not affect your actual membership in the NationStates UN. How you roleplay the situation is up to you.

I originally said that the roleplay couldn't go here, but that was due to some confusion on my part. I checked with Stephistan and she said that the roleplay can go here.

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09-09-2003, 19:28
We are delighted to report that the rebel families responsible for the uprising have been utterly destroyed. Government forces launched a swift and utterly merciless counter attack which took them by surprise; unfortunately three of the five hostage Chieftains were killed in the fighting. Their heirs have succeeded them and have assumed their place at the High Council. We extend our thanks to the UN for it's allowance of this unfortunate but neccessary reaction to a significant and long-expected threat to our national security.