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Complaint over "common sense law"

08-09-2003, 15:20
I would like to complain about the banning of lawsuits over beverage burns

The IRL individual who sued over scalding herself with coffee, firstly, was NOT in a moving vehicle, nor did she request frivolous amounts of money. she was in a stationary car, *haven't you ever eaten fast food in a car?* and first requested only that the temperature of the coffee be lowered, before eventually deciding that she wanted her medical bills paid as well, and rightly so, the temperature of the coffee was absurdly high, hot enough to give her severe burns to the thighs and genetals, because macdonalds thought it would be more cost effective to raise the water to this heat, in order to squeeze every last drop out of the bean. disreguarding what would happen to people if it were spilled, (easily done) or even worse, if someone actually attempted to drink the damn stuff within an hour of purchase.

therefore. it is my opinion that this is an unjust ruling, however, kudos on the tool thing.
08-09-2003, 15:33
I believe that there is already a discussion about this particular resolution here (, so I'm going to lock this topic.

Okay? :wink:

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