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Non-universal ideals

04-09-2003, 02:02
Please, there's no sense in trying to impose your own personal and subjective ideals on the world (such as all those pro- or anti-gun resolutions). There are some matters every nation has a sovereign right to legislate on. There are resolutions I personally agree with but would not support because they infringe upon the sovereignty of nations.
The Planetian Empire
04-09-2003, 02:38
All UN resolutions infringe on member nations' sovereignty in one respect or another. That's part of what UN membership is. We, for example, have the subjective moral ideal that randomly killing innocent people is wrong. Do human rights resolutions passed by the UN that prohibit governments from murdering citizens without trial infringe on the sovereignty of gulag-sprouting dictatorships? Yes. Should they be revoked, and should nations be prevented from submitting human rights resolutions in the future? In our humble opinion, hardly!
04-09-2003, 06:56
But that is an extreme example. There are many United Nations resolutions which go far beyond the basic right to life of all citizens of a sovereign nation. Many resolutions interfere with the social and economic policy of sovereign nations.

Perhaps just as member nations have the ability to submit new proposals, they should be able to ask for re-votes on existing proposals which they feel interfere with their sovereign rights!
The Planetian Empire
07-09-2003, 18:54
If your hon. government feels that its sovereignty is being infringed upon by the United Nations, it should simply resign. Being a UN member state is a choice.
Oppressed Possums
07-09-2003, 20:12
The basic idea of the resolutions is based on trade offs from one part of the government to another. Even if you agree with what the resolution says, the results can be very different.