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06-08-2003, 07:49
I am writing to all delegates to view my proposal relating to the implementation of law that will ensure our children are protected from deadly drugs such as heroine and ecstasy.

Currently it is second from the top on the list of proposals, but if it is not there when you get a look, please search minimize, that is to minimize the damage drugs are doing to our youth.

If you think this is just another zero tolerance law, i assure you it is not. I think we can all agree that they are as useful as 'Better Grammer' proposals; all they do is take up time.

Please take a look, for a better future for our children.

06-08-2003, 08:03
I have little to no drug laws in my nation. If this proposal outlaws them outright then I can not and will not support it.
06-08-2003, 12:07
tabacco in my nation is out lawed because it is just as dangerous and are a drain on our health care system.
06-08-2003, 15:39
Educate, treat, but don't outlaw. You'll only enrich the criminals (and bankrupt your buget) if you outlaw drugs.
06-08-2003, 16:39
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Oppressed Possums
06-08-2003, 16:42
If you wish to outlaw something, you have to make the penalties strict enough for people to stop doing what you want them to stop or prevent them from starting in the first place.
Ruined Earth
06-08-2003, 16:45
The UN is overstepping its boundaries with laws such as yours. It should not be allowed to act as a governing body for all that belong to it, but as a group of guidelines for what countries can do to become stronger economically and socially.
Ruined Earth
06-08-2003, 16:54
Just thinking about what someone said earlier, about prohibition. And well, its really a bad thing to make drugs and whatnot illegal. First, you have the rebellious factor. When it is illegal it makes you want to do it even more. Second, by making such a large thing illegal, you open the doors for organized crime. If it is a UN wide ban, then that means organized crime will pop up in all of the countries. That is definitely a bad thing. If you make drugs legal you not only build up an industry that helps the economy, you also are making something that can be taxed and regulated by the government, meaning the drugs won't be made in some guys basement but in a much safer factory.
06-08-2003, 17:02
We believe that if we outlaw something, it will just encourage our youths to do it more.
06-08-2003, 20:56
We believe that if we outlaw something, it will just encourage our youths to do it more.

Plus it will promote organised crime
05-09-2003, 02:17
We believe that if we outlaw something, it will just encourage our youths to do it more.

Plus it will promote organised crime

:? That is quite idiotic. What you're saying is that an act is only a crime if it breaks specific laws. Incorrect. The adolescents of Unire know the difference between right and wrong. Breaking the law is wrong, just like using drugs is wrong (with or without laws saying so). Life is supposed to be stimulation, not simulation. Using drugs is just the avoidance of reality.
05-09-2003, 09:23
I can't speak for heroin, but ecstacy a deadly drug??? Please. Only if used irresponsibly. Many things are deadly, including crossing the street, if you go about doing them the wrong way.

There are kits you can purchase to test the purity of the drug you plan to use/not use - granted many drugs aren't healthy to partake in, but ecstacy (which will in this post be henceforth refered to as "E") only causes death in certain situations - i.e....

1. Someone uses E in a pure, laced, or some other form and does not remain properly hydrated or engages in continual athletic or other form of movement that would lead to dehydration, which in some cases can be deadly.
2. Someone purchases E that is laced or otherwise and has an adverse reaction to the drug or drugs (if laced) and dies or undergoes serious trauma..

I could go on for a while with different scenarios, but what it comes down to is that ecstacy, in its pure form which is referred to as MDMA, when injested or otherwise into the human body creates a dump of serotonin (sp?) into the body, which creates a relatively continuous high much like people experience in orgasm. Continuous/extensive use of pure E is, in my opinion (to my knowledge no studies have been done on long-term affects), dangerous in that it might cause mind-alteration and/or brain damage leading to abnormal behavior, etc., but limited use and one-time users should not be affected as long as the drug itself is pure.

If you modify your proposal to take into account that:
1. Lawful dosage of E will not exceed a given milligram level (this would involve some research) over a given timeline - i.e. a month.
2. E tabs and liquid forms will be tested for purity before distribution and usage to ensure 100% MDMA.
3. E will not be repeatedly used within a given time frame (i.e. weekly usage is bad, monthly perhaps OK) and that a repeat user will not exceed a set level of doses before he/she is restricted from use.
And that...
4. A potential user must be tested for potential allergic reaction before each usage or at least after a given time frame of not having used the drug (because, for example, if a user uses it once ten years before and then might use it again, the user might have developed an allergic reaction) and must not be permitted to use E if he/she tests positive in an allergenic test.
5. Educational programs must be instituted to educate people on safe usage of E - i.e. purity tests, ensuring one is properly hydrated and does not overheat, etc.

If you take all that into account, then you would probably recieve my vote. Like I said before though, people are free in almost every nation on the real world to partake in life-threatening activities - E is really just another one, and if someone gets dehydrated on E, and that leads to organ failure and possibly even death, well then, it's their own stupidity leading to natural selection.