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Army of the UN

18-01-2003, 12:40
I think it's important, considering that many countries hate UN and this can leads into war against UN.

Droid facility is half-built, but fully operational.
Our weapon factory seems to be on success, they are now researching new technology for weaponry. I can't tell you...
18-01-2003, 13:04
Did you even get the idea of the United States?! I don't think so, cos the UN doesn't want any war. The UN wants to protect the world from every war.

What for an organization would the UN be, when they say "We have to stop war!" or "We have to stop world-wide armamant" and on the other hand the UN builds his own weapons? That's just idiotic. Besides every member of the UN got his army on their own, so an UN-army is even more stupid!

The government of the Free Republic of dersproedelania
18-01-2003, 13:12
Okay then. I just want your opinion about this.
And how about if there is a war between UN member?
18-01-2003, 13:48
If we may be so bold to interject on behalf of the Free Republic of dersproedelania, we feel that should a UN member have a serious arguement on the conduct of another, they can ask support from other UN members.

Should UN arbitration fail and war breaks out between two UN members, every UN member has their own army (we asume!) and can co-operate in order to bring peace to the region, or regions, affected.

A seperate UN army can only be justified in order to bring about a transition into a UN-super state, possibly turning into an Earth government, or a future government of all peoples everywhere. This is so obviously a vile suggestion, that we will not suggest it further.

Central Processor Unit for International Affairs
Dr. A. Liftscroft GBA
18-01-2003, 15:08
Actually, the Republic of Guardinia would support the formation and armament of a dedicated UN Army for the purpose of peacekeeping operations and enforcing UN resolutions. However, deployment of this UN Army should be considered only as a last resort, and the resolution should require a 3/4 majority to pass. Any nation that would be considered a party in the conflict at hand should abstain from voting, and no single nation - no matter how powerful - should ever be granted veto power.

Isabella Fuentes
UN Ambassador
Republic of Guardinia