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Vote AGAINST the proposal to remove DVD Region Codes

15-01-2003, 18:41
Honorable Nations and Regional Delegates,

The Free Republic of Hauckistan stands today on behalf of its people and on behalf of the Quartz Region to urge you to vote AGAINST the current UN proposal regarding Region-Free DVDs. We also urge all nations who have already lodged their vote to change it before the Friday deadline. Hauckistan bases this plea on the following points:

1) The topic of DVD encoding is not suitable for the UN main body. Let some other body, like the WTO, handle this issue. Asking a political body like the UN to make laws regarding economic issues such as this topic is micro- and mis-managing the world economy.

2) Removing this sort of barrier, while encouraging global trade, may adversely affect the economies of smaller countries whose DVD producers may find it impossible to compete with larger multinational conglomerates whose influence is currently tempered by region coding.

3) The UN should take a principled stand to vote against resolutions such as this one so as to discourage similarly weak and/or meaningless resolutions from coming to the floor. The UN already moves at a snail's pace, and having to spend 5 entire days on the debate of an ultimately useless resolution (notice it has a "weak" impact) will paralyze our effectiveness even further. It will also give a green light for people to attempt to introduce even more meaningless resolutions onto our floor, taking precious time away from important topics that this august body is much more suited to consider.

4) Approval of this amendment will interfere with rules of individual nations in regards to how they administer their movie industries.

Hauckistan and the regions within Quartz are not against fair or free trade, nor do we necessarily oppose the intent of this resolution. However, we feel that it is not a subject that is appropriately addressed on the UN floor. We thus ask that all nations vote AGAINST this resolution. We especially make this appeal to those nations who have already voted for, and ask you to reconsider and take a principled stand to change your vote to AGAINST.

The Free Republic of Hauckistan
16-01-2003, 05:52
We in Nianacio almost totally agree with you. Please vote against the current resolution, fellow UN members!
16-01-2003, 11:15
From: Cordovan Department of Trade and Industry

The results of the electronic referedum on this UN resultion are 92% in favour of removing DVD region codes.

The reason for this is quite simple. The current region code system does not account for nations not on Earth. As such, the Cordovan people have to pay extra for Multi-Region DVD players, import Pirated DVD's or illegally chip consoles.

By removing DVD region codes, not only is a large chunk of DVD piracy eleminated but it benefits the Cordovan consumer.
16-01-2003, 14:09
From: Republic of Guardinia, Office of the UN Ambassador

While Guardinia welcomes the idea of removing DVD region codes, we also agree that such matters should be sorted out elsewhere. The UN has far more important business to attend to and should have to spend time on minor issues like this one.


Isabella Fuentes
UN Ambassador
Republic of Guardinia