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31-12-2002, 21:26
Dear members of the MUSHPark Region, this topic is for the discussion of the UN resolutions among our regional member nations. The polls and discussions here will directly affect our Delegate vote and what policies we fight for and against. Quixoticia supports YOU, the member nations of MUSHPark.

The President of Quixoticia
01-01-2003, 01:35
What position does the Delegate have on this issue? Aside from the mass vote buying power, we of the DTOMP believe that a figurehead of our region should also be a leader in any debate. It is important to listen to each representative of each nation, but participation and guidence on complex issues such as this is a key requisite.

Thank you for your feedback.

el boyo loco,
Minister of Political Sheep of the DTOMP
01-01-2003, 17:51
Quixoticia's stance, as a nation, is to be against the random assigning of nations, as well as against a limit on the number of regions. It impinges on the sovereignty of nations.

OOCly: I'm against it because the site admins have asked us NOT to make policies that determine game MECHANICS. Only those that affect politics/economics/etc. For a full posting, see the UN Forum discussion on this! I just posted there, as well.