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Flags are Disappearing

The State of Monavia
28-05-2009, 20:17
While checking out some threads, such as my factbook and constitution, I noticed that the flags which I poisted are missing. After looking in Blast's where the flags are made, I found that loads of the flags which were created there are now missing. The messages that replace the missing flags say that "The file has been deleted" and that "the URL is incorrect or does not exist."

What is quite disturbing is that I cut and pasted the URLs into the top of the browser and tried to access them, and I got nothing more than a blank page with the same message.

Seeing that my own flags are not the only ones disappearing, I figure thgat this problem is not some little trchnical error, and could be worse than it may first seem.

Thanks to the Moderators for their patience and time in reading this.
28-05-2009, 21:59
It could be related to the url change that seems to have messed with the whole system. The people who posted some of the flags may have deleted them from their photobucket accounts or whatever as well.

Maybe you should move to the new forum, as jolt seems to be less and less reliable.
The State of Monavia
31-05-2009, 03:06
I would prefer that the moderators deal with this if they can, however, if the Flag is deleted from the Photobucket account, I will have to find some way to post the copies of the images (thank you Microsoft Word) online so that they can be restored.