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Cannot post on beta PHPbb forum

Bluth Corporation
14-05-2009, 16:13
Yesterday morning I resurrected my nation and I was able to get on to and post on the PHPbb forum. However, when I logged out and came back in later, I had no problem logging in to my country but I couldn't log in to the forum. Obviousy, we're not supposed to use the PHPbb login function (it says "Please log in with your nation first"), but I AM logged in with my nation--on that same page, to the left is the standard sidebar that appears when you're logged in, with links to your Issues, Telegrams, etc.

I can only get this far, in fact, if I go to the forum BEFORE I log in to my country, then log in in another browser tab, then try to log in to the forum via its built-in log in function. If I log in to my country first, then click on the "FORUM (beta!)" link in the sidebar post-log in, I get this:

General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Duplicate entry 'bluth corporation' for key 2 [1062]

After that follows a rather long SQL INSERT query that appears to be the query to insert a new user into the PHPbb list, which, first, is obviously not something that should be happening since a user was already created for me successfully when I logged in the first time, and second, fails (as it should) since the new user it's trying to create has the same username (country name) as the user it created the first time, which is a unique key in the table structure, so there can be no duplicates there.

I don't want to post the SQL query here since it contains some information (e-mail address, etc.) I'd rather not display publicly on these forums, but if one of the technical guys wants to see it I can send it privately.

After the query comes a backtrace:


FILE: includes/db/mysqli.php
LINE: 163
CALL: dbal->sql_error()

FILE: includes/functions_user.php
LINE: 248
CALL: dbal_mysqli->sql_query()

FILE: includes/auth/auth_nationstates.php
LINE: 149
CALL: user_add()

FILE: includes/session.php
LINE: 503
CALL: autologin_nationstates()

FILE: includes/session.php
LINE: 427
CALL: session->session_create()

FILE: index.php
LINE: 24
CALL: session->session_begin()

I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or of it's the forum--hopefully it's me because it'd be a lot simpler to fix that way :D

15-05-2009, 01:02
Brought it up for an admin to look at.
15-05-2009, 02:15
Should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!