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101st Paratroopers

08-05-2009, 22:52
I used to be him, could you please restore the account? I can't post.
The Black Forrest
09-05-2009, 16:49
Hmmm. The profile says there was activity today.

Soooo. If you are not him, the mods will not give you access.

However, if you are him, submit a request via this:
09-05-2009, 18:34
Yes, I logged on as 101st and tried to post.
09-05-2009, 18:39
We can't see any reason this nations should not be able to post. I banned then unbanned it to see if that would kick things back into place. Let us know if it helped.
101st paratroopers
09-05-2009, 19:33