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World Factbook help...

Senor Frogs
29-04-2009, 21:46
How do you make text different sizes, colors, and fonts?
Also, is there anything else you can with it?:confused:
29-04-2009, 22:51
I believe that the initial post of a thread has all those features laid out, just take note of the formatting and work it out for subsequent posts. A good factbook is important in Rping, as it helps one keep track of how they have things set up in an Rp and provides useful information to other Rpers so that everyone is on the same page.
30-04-2009, 02:53
What formatting tags can we use in World Factbook Entries?
The code for this is hand-rolled. The tags that we support are:
- bold -
- underline -
- italic -
- color -
[hr] - Horizontal Rule
[thread] - Links to a thread in the forums

It's from this post (