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Validification Email Problem

24-04-2009, 06:43
This isn't a problem with me clicking a link from the verification email itself, but rather trouble getting the darn email. I have an old nation I created a while ago, but never used, that I planned to refurnish for use as an alt nation to RP with. However, I cannot post with said nation because it hasn't gotten the verification email. This is not because of a typo, as I've checked it three times, and have used three different emails, one yahoo, one hotmail, and one gmail, and given each a day to send an email (to no effect).

This is especially frustrating, since there's a thread I would REALLY like this nation to show up for, but cannot since it can't post. The nation in question is Enkaire, and the current email I've got it set for is If anyone could tell me why it's not sending an email (I've checked the spam folders of each email in question, and my ISP has never had a trouble with Nationstates emails before), or if they could manually set the stupid thing to send an email, I would greatly appreciate it.