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Unable to log in to forums

18-04-2009, 04:52
Someone on IRC asked me to post this for him, since he cannot (as explained below):

My problem is, at least to me, quite simple; When I try and log into the forums from the NS profile page, I get an error: "Something went wrong when trying to log you onto the forums but we are not sure what. Please see the Known Problems page to check if this is a system-wide problem." I tried the suggested method for getting past this problem, and it didn't work. Right now, I'm at a loss for what to do.And that is the extent of my message. And unfortunately, the extent of my knowledge about the problem.

His nation name is "The Golden Shovel" and he can log into the NationStates page for it, just not the forums.
18-04-2009, 10:33
I've been unable to get to the forums from my nation for the past three years. If he's just in the same position, all he has to do is always log in on the Jolt main page and he's set. However, that seems unlikely, given what you've said, so:

If he can have his nation recognised by Jolt (by logging in with name and password, top right-hand corner, and he then gets a "Thank you for logging in" screen), then, even if he still can't post, he can resend his own activation (see bar above, between "Quick Links" and "Log Out").

If he can get recognised by Jolt anywhere on any forum, he may be able to post elsewhere even if other forums show him as not logged in (recent but intermittent glitch).

I've checked and there's no ban on his nation. However, he's let it die and then resurrected it. A number of players have had problems in these circumstances. There's a glitch in the link between NS and Jolt. Jolt has deleted the forum accounts of a number of nations that have been inactive for some time. Unfortunately, we've really no recourse since we can't fix it without them.

The simplest solution is probably to make a new nation and link to the nation page of the original in his sig. If age/posts are important, just put "add xxxx posts" under the avatar.
18-04-2009, 20:57

I created another nation, and the problem is solved (at least, to the extent that it's possible to remedy this particular problem.)