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Delete This account

30-03-2009, 00:02
My friend used my computer to create a nation "The Turded Towel Heads" and checked it on my computer.

He has expressed his disinterest in the game. Can you delete his account?

Not Vanquest! That is me, his is "The Turded Towel Heads".

Thank you. I didn't want the Mods to think I was in violation of the 1 IP rule for nations.
30-03-2009, 00:03
Also, it was hard for me to navigate to this page, can the mod send a telegram to my nation "Vanquest" letting me know when this matter is resolved?
30-03-2009, 00:38
The nation will cease to exist after 28 days, it could later be restarted but it won't be deleted. Also, you can have multiple nations, so long as they are not WA nations.
30-03-2009, 01:53
"The Turded Towel Heads" is sufficiently close to the limit of acceptable nation names that this request provides enough inventive to remove it from the game. At least that was one mod's opinion, as the nation has been destroyed.