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Over active Mods?

22-03-2009, 01:06
Apparently the Mods are on every forum at the same time, all of them.... regardless of their supposed inactivity.

Like Big Brother...

Or, the settings on the forums are screwed up. Because all 17 or whatever mods are showing up to be active on every forum.

22-03-2009, 01:12
They're coming for you now...
22-03-2009, 01:15
It's probably a glitch that was created so you'd think they omnipotent so nobody would dare to say something against the rules.
22-03-2009, 01:46
That's just listings of the people who have powers to moderate those forums, not "who's online" equivalents.
22-03-2009, 01:50
That just lists who the Mods are for the forums. IF thyey were active, they would appear under the left side, which is "Active Users".
22-03-2009, 02:03
Ooops. I'm using a different browser than usual, and the listings therefore looks different than usual.


(I don't think the Moderation listing shows up in Google Chrome at all)
22-03-2009, 02:12
Probably not. I havn't tried it yet on Gogole. I normally use Opera, Maxthon or Firefox.
22-03-2009, 02:19
Well I usually use Google Chrome, but my laptop that I'm using right now is operating on Firefox 2 because I'm too lazy to download Chrome on the notepad.
22-03-2009, 02:59
All NS mods have mod powers over all NS forums. There are no 'local' mods assigned, even though most mods, as with most players, have 'local' interests. Therefore, all mods are listed on any NS forum.
22-03-2009, 03:22
I dunno about the rest of the mod team, but "over-active" is not a term anyone has ever applied to me, in my whole life, ever. :D

Oh, and Kandarin's right. As usual.
22-03-2009, 16:25
That listing didn't appear previously because of the way Jolt sends "Report this post" emails to Mods. We'd opted out of that listing for convenience.

Jolt recently redid the way Mods are assigned to various forums, and apparently added us all back to the local forum listing. I guess this means I'll be adjusting my email settings to cut down on the spam from this site now.