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application for WA-not getting through

Merlin of Catville
05-03-2009, 02:15
have applied to WA about 3 or 4 times over last week and half. verification is not getting thru--not even spam site. have disabled spam filter, and still not getting accepted.
05-03-2009, 02:28
Try a different email address. I had a problem registering for the WA with my ISP's email address, but then I tried registering an email address with Gmail. It worked.
06-03-2009, 00:49
AT&T is bouncing all emails from They don't say why, just that we're on their banned list. I've requested they remove us, but typically ISPs are very slow to react to this. You might have to try a different email addy.
06-03-2009, 01:36
Ooh, good news:
The mail-server IP address(es) associated with your request will removed from the block list within 24-48 hours from the date of this notification. AT&T, Bellsouth, SBC and any affiliates do NOT intentionally block legitimate mail in the course of our anti-spam initiatives and regret any inconvenience this may have caused.
Merlin of Catville
06-03-2009, 23:31
thanks, i'll use my email i send all my other ads/spam to..
thanks for heads up on att.