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This is what happens when I stop sleeping...

The Illustrious Renae
24-02-2009, 11:10
Ok, I have managed to create a few very annoying problems for myself, one of which might turn out to be a real doozy.

I've been playing on NationStates for a long time, just never all that consistently. As a result, I've become quite accustomed to just making a new nation, creating a region for that nation to live in, setting up the forum CP for the associated account, and signing up for what I guess is now the "WA" when I feel like picking up the play. This time, however, I discovered it would be really easy to revive my favorite (and possibly oldest) nation so I could play it again. There was just one problem: I had already gone through my 'just make a new nation' protocol.

This is where I started causing problems for myself.

I went ahead and revived Intellect and the Arts. I also assigned it to my e-mail address. This e-mail address was the same one I had associated with the new nation and its associated forum profile. (yes, this profile is the newb nation in question) I decided to solve this by deleting the e-mail address from the new nation's profile and hope I hadn't completely screwed myself with the fact that, though I had now made that nation ineligible to join the WA by removing an associated e-mail address, I had sort of applied two of my nations to join the WA by sheer accident of stupid and lack of planning.

At this point, I attempted to connect to the forums with my revived nation. No such luck. The e-mail address was still associated with the newb nation's forum profile. I tried to fix this by changing the e-mail address associated with that forum profile. I was still unable to connect to the forums with my revived nation. I tried another 'fix' (ha ha) by just registering for the forums with the name of my revived nation. As it turns out, this only enabled me to post on the general Jolt forums and not the NationStates forums.

So here's my list of problems:

1. I may be about to be tagged and thumped heavily because I may have two nations listed as applying to be members of WA. These nations are The Illustrious Renae and Intellect and the Arts. I fully intend to just let Illustrious Renae die and only play Intellect and the Arts, and I really want IatA to not get banned from the WA because I did something short-sighted. I don't know how much anyone can do about that...

2. I am unable to directly navigate from my revived NationStates nation to the Jolt forums due to my massive screw-up with the e-mail address. I do now have an account with the name of the nation registered with Jolt, but it does not have permissions to post in the NationStates forums. Again, I don't know if you guys can fix that or not...

3. Because in the course of events I created two accounts for myself on the Jolt forums with some pretty severe identical identifying information, I may or may not have tripped someone's red flag labeled "potential multi-account scammer". If that flag even exists, I once again do not know how much you can do about that...

I'm not certain just how coherent this is due to my inability to sleep recently. If nothing else, I hope one of you who reads this can get a good laugh at my expense considering I've been doing NationStates on and off since somewhere around late '04 to early '05 and I just acted like a complete and utter noobalicious newbaholic.

If, however, someone can either directly interfere on my behalf or give me helpful advice on any of the above issues, I would very much appreciate whatever you can provide.
24-02-2009, 14:18
1. As long as you don't actually activate UN on 2 nations at once, and for safety wait a little while between switching, you're fine. I also believe that an application under the same email address will actually get it rejected.

2. Unfortunately, Intellect and the Arts has a problem with the forum account, it's listed as Registered, but not a NS Nation, therefore you can't post within the NS forum. Unfortunately, Jolt personnel are the only people that can fix it. So you might be better off using the newer nation if it can post on the forums.
The Illustrious Renae
24-02-2009, 21:17
Well phoo. I'll make due with this one until I (hopefully) get somewhere with the Jolt guys.