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Today's World Census Report

13-02-2009, 14:37
I've been looking at the past couple days' World Rankings and noticed large differences between my nations' rankings from day to day. For example, yesterday, my nation was said to rank 14,454 in the world for Most Pervasive Police Force, and today my nation ranks 7,533 in the world for Best Weather. Is this ranking an arbitrary phrase that describes the same thing in a different way day after day, or does the ranking actually change based on how each nation has met these ridiculous, yet prestigious criteria. (I.e.: Does the nation with the "Most accurate fisherman" actually have fisherman who can hook a plankton, or is the ranking phrase each day just a euphemism for "Top Ranking Nation Today"?)
Saint Clair Island
14-02-2009, 00:00
The latter.

Ranking high on "Largest Defence Forces" means your nation has a large military. Ranking high on "Largest Trout Fishing Industry" means your nation fishes a lot of trout. They have those descriptors for a reason you know. :P