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Fictional map needed

New Brennan
06-02-2009, 06:00

Has it ever been discussed about having a fictional map of the various nations?

It would be cool to integrate the current functions of the game with an interactive fictional geographic map.

Is there one?;)
06-02-2009, 06:42
NS nations reside in the Multiverse.

Some of us exist now, some in the future, some in the RW past, some in alternate pasts or futures -- and then there's Cobdenia, which exists now, but in 1930s Britain -- plus the invisible nations, the ones that take up entire planets, the Cities in Flight, the multi-dimensional ones, the microcosmos ...

That's why there's no single map of NS. But lots of regions have their own maps, and there is a band of eager cartographers who make maps for other people, one of whom I hope will post here with details. And you could always make one yourself. That's part of the fun.

EDIT: If you're into maps, you might like these ( My favourite is 334, The Atlas of True Names.