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Regional Influence Controls?

02-02-2009, 03:08
This may just be another thing that the mods can diligently add to the "no chance in hell of being incorporating into the game" sticky. And yet....

I got thinking about what might inspire people to continue playing NationStates, one of the key factors why people are leaving or not playing NS in the first place is NS2. But there is something NS has over NS2, and thats regions...and that got me thinking about the "raider/defender" game that was popular in the pre-influence age of NationStates, which ALSO was an age full of activity, and population compared to now.

So, I propose Regional Influence be optional for regions.
A Founder can go into his controls, and activate the Influence Cost for delegates.

This will help develop the regional aspect to gameplay which NS2 lacks, "will people join regions that are less democratic or autocratic than others?" for example. As well, help the popular raiding aspect flourish a bit more than it is...

Here's a visualization of the possible regional control menu for founders, with the change...

Of course, the tag with your nation's regional influence on your nation's page would stay the same, because it's a good indication of regional seniority, but without the influence activated, it wouldn't mean much more than that.

Thanks for Reading. :)
02-02-2009, 03:15
Yes, it sounds like an interesting idea, for the region thing, but I don't see this game having much changes now that NS2 is out.

Also, the image is nice I guess but anyone could use paint really, and these people did code the game so I'd think they'd know what they want for the feature. Maybe it was the big red circle thing that was a bit much.

I dunno, but an interesting idea nonetheless.