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Banned Nation not on Ban List

A Slanted Black Stripe
05-01-2009, 09:26
"15 days ago: Lady Phedre was ejected and banned from The East Pacific by The Slashing Stylists of A Slanted Black Stripe."

Since becoming delegate, I have only ejected and banned two nations from the region, Lady Phedre and Biyah. While I was unbanning other nations (put there by Lady Phedre), I noticed that Lady Phedre does not appear on the ban list for The East Pacific. Biyah is still on the banned list.

Is this a bug? Is there some reason why Lady Phedre does not appear on the ban list?
05-01-2009, 16:08
Probably a bug of some sort. I've seen it happen from time to time, but no idea why.

Unless there is some driving political reason why this ban must be enforced, I'm not going to do anything about adding her back on the banned list. If she shows up, you can ban her again. It shouldn't cost you much Influence, if any, to do it again.
A Slanted Black Stripe
05-01-2009, 22:55
"Unless there is some driving political reason ..."

Lady Phedre was the leader of the Empire group that invaded The East Pacific and she was the delegate who one night decided to ejected 200 nations without cause. Many of those 200 nations were not WA nations, some were brand new, many were older nations (with populations over 10 billion). None of them received a warning or explanation.

While you're right that she could be ejected and banned again if she returned, it does seem "unfair" that after all the damage she did, she can freely return to the region. Plus, if she did return, it would be extremely awkward for me or any subsequent delegate to explain how she got removed from the banned list.

So, I am asking for your help to correct the error and add her to the banned list.

05-01-2009, 23:34
Fair enough. Added.