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Trouble Joining the WA

31-12-2008, 01:38
hi everyone,
this is emberassing, but i need to voice it nonetheless.
i have asked to join the WA twice. same account.
even worse: one of my involved nations is opposed to joining the WA.
stupid mistake.
sure thing.
what can i do?
MALAZANIA would not like to join!
Wealtheria would ...
any ideas what i should do?
thx alot in advance!
31-12-2008, 01:42
sorry, i have just realized that this is supposed to be in-game ....
shame on me -- im just a confused noob whos both willing to learn and really ... enthralled by this simulation.
31-12-2008, 02:07
Yeah, this is the correct forum for this, I don't think. But I would say that if you get accepted just leave right after you are accepted.
Bears Armed
31-12-2008, 14:18
The correct forum for this is Moderation: I'll post a note there asking the Mods to move it...
31-12-2008, 16:17
It's a technical question.

EDIT - It sounds like he's tried to join the WA twice with the same nation but can't get in.
Bears Armed
31-12-2008, 17:39
It's a technical question.Oops! Of course it is: I need more sleep...
01-01-2009, 14:24
When you apply to join the WA you receive an email with a link in it. When you click on the link, you're in.

Don't click on the link in the Malazania email. Do click on the link for Wealtheria.

When your membership is confirmed, a green bar saying "WA Member" will appear on Wealtheria's nation page on the left-hand side, just under the link to your region. (It may not show up immediately, but it should within a day, when the game automatically updates itself.)

If it doesn't, please post here again.