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Recovering Region from dead password

24-12-2008, 14:26
So about a year ago, this bigger region moved several people into my home region of central california, and took it over with WA delegacy and then put a password on it. I understand that this is perfectly legal, but then the guy left the region, along with everybody but myself, and then quit playing the game entirely. His nation is deleted and everything. And I just want to be able to use that region again. Is there any way that I could recapture the region? I've been guessing at the password for like a year now. And still haven't gotten it right. Please help mr. Moderator!
24-12-2008, 15:58
Sorry. We don't give out passwords. We don't establish founders, either.
Bears Armed
24-12-2008, 16:02
Move out of the region.
At the next [daily] major update, if totally empty then, it will cease to exist.
You will then be able to re-found it, with the first nation that moves in as 'founder', without the password.
24-12-2008, 18:33
You're right, of course, Bears Armed. A little risky should someone else decide to refound it, but should work fine.