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22-12-2008, 09:22
Hey, Thank you for reading this:

When I use NS I so not see the signatures below a person's posts... why is this? How can I fix it?
Bears Armed
22-12-2008, 12:21
At the left-hand end of the narrow gray bar that's close to the top of this screen, you should see "User CP".
Click on that link, which takes you to your personal Control Panel for this site.
Look at the menu on the left-hand side of that page and, some way down it, you will see "Edit Options".
Click on that link, and when you look down the page to which it takes you there's a box to tick to "Show Signatures".
Tick that box, scroll down to the bottom of that page, and click on "Save Changes".
22-12-2008, 16:24
Thank you! Greatly appreciate it!