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Log in problems

26-11-2008, 23:53
For the past two days, when I log in on the forums it will show me as logging in, but then it returns to the log in screen. Then I type in my info again, and it does the same thing. After about 5 tries it finally logs me in. Its not that big of a problem, but it gets annoying when I have to do it every time I log in. Is there a known solution to this? Maybe change my internet settings or something?

27-11-2008, 08:00
Someone more techie than I will no doubt have the goods on this, but a quick fix for me has been to go to the main Jolt page, log in there (ticking the "Remember Me" box), then go to the NS menus via the Quick Links/Subscribed Threads. Pick any thread, and bingo, you're signed in.

It doesn't work for me if I go Jolt main page --> NS forums main page. I have to go through Subscribed Threads.

That said, it only happens to me on the one computer, and if I clear the cache and do a bit of maintenance, I'd expect it to clear up.