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Extend by 3 characters

22-11-2008, 15:42
This has being happening for a couple of days now and its happened again. Whenever I'm typing a post, it comes up with (56% of the time) 'Extend Post by 3 Characters'. At first I thought it was because of the length so I extend it by three words instead just to keep myself ahead. Then it comes up with: 'Extend by 3 Characters'. This will repeat itself another two or three times and it even happens when I'm editing my post.

Is it me? Maybe a bug on my computer? or is it something else?
22-11-2008, 18:37
To prevent +1 spam, Jolt has instituted this limit. You need to have a certain number of character over and above quoting someone else in order not to hit this wall.

If you're still hitting it despite being way over, check to see if you're using a web accelerator that might be frimmitizing stuff up.