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Posting Problem Fixed

15-11-2008, 02:41
After I e-mailed Jolts owner and posted my problem, that I could not post on the fourms. They have fixed it. And It is working properly. :):):):tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::D
16-11-2008, 14:51
Thanks for letting us know, Bohovia.

Bohovia had this problem on November 7:

Hi, Im getting annyoyed because sometimes when I log in to my account and try to post, It gives me a message that I dont have permission to acess the page, and sometimes *LIKE NOW* I can post with no problems. Can you please fix this. Thank you.

Kat pointed out it wasn't something NS could do anything about from our side, and referred him to Jolt. I asked him yesterday to let us know if it had turned turn out to be a Jolt problem (ie, not something in his own computer) and if they were able to help.

Apparently the answer's Yes and Yes. So if anyone runs into the same problem, Jolt's the way to go.