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Small custom flag sizes

23-09-2007, 18:45
Why can't we have a bigger size in kilobytes and resolution for self-made flags, in the current sense, they are too small to be nice

is there a possibillity to make it better?
23-09-2007, 19:54
No. Live with it.
23-09-2007, 21:08
What's the point in allowing you to choose a flag you have made yourself if you can't show it properly? then why even allow this to be possible?!
23-09-2007, 21:39
ooo! ooo! can i propose that the flag kb size be changed to what it was before 10kb?


(in all seriousness, re-save the picture to a lower resolution (at 72ppi) will help. Some ppl have success saving it as a PNG file. You will note that people do have animated flags, even at this "low" level. And of course, you can design a web page for your own country, and have the flag as big as you want.)

suggestion for changes: make sure your resolution is 72 pixels per inch. Halve your documnent size, not the resolution.
Ordo Drakul
23-09-2007, 21:43
My family crest fit nicely, and it's as complicated a design as I think anyone should need. Given the prejudicial nature of the flag policy here, you really don't need too much, just enough to separate you from the other nations.