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Ummm...I think i found a bug in your verification email

22-09-2007, 23:39
Ok, when i clicked on my verifacation email it said that I had a bad link... yet if I read the email correctly, thats the only way youan post on forums, so the fact that I'm typing this message tells me that the link must not be bad.... what do you think?
The White Shark
22-09-2007, 23:44
Mine worked fine. Maybe it was just a glitch in your personal one.:gundge:
22-09-2007, 23:59
ok, thanks, but either way like i said, if it ACTUALLY doesn't work, I can't get on here, so it doesn't really matter This thread needs deleted then.
23-09-2007, 03:16
It really, really, really helps if you read the stickies.