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Countries as suggested regions

22-08-2007, 22:00
What about have some way to only list only the regions that map to countries?
It could be a new list option for example. Maybe a "list all countries regions"
The listing could have flags of the countries for fast recognition.

It could give an extra incentive to get players involved in the game.

Instead of landing on a predefined region, new Players could also land by default on their country, being then able to speak their language for help from other players.

I think this is a really cool suggestion.
22-08-2007, 23:17
Uh, no. Don't make polls in Technical. This isn't a democracy.
23-08-2007, 12:09
Uh, no. Don't make polls in Technical. This isn't a democracy.


I'm sorry if I did something wrong, I did a quick reading of the The Technical Forum (READ BEFORE POSTING) and the last Does belong here point is "Ideas for improvements. (Great place for polls)"

I thought i was acting as recommended...

Olisippo nation
23-08-2007, 12:35
IMO I think that regions are design in an awkward flat way... all regions have the same characteristics and are only sortable by name...

One quite crappy idea is creating some 1 level hierarchy... the regions will join continent or something like that.

To me, de facto there exist many groups that are in titled regions... but it is difficult to have an overview of the regions that are interesting to the user.

Maybe hierarchy is a bad idea, a better one is to use TAGS.

The delegates could add tags to the regions, and let the users have the choice to list regions by tag (incremental feature and not a replace for the current listing)...

I think that the tag idea should be interesting to implement. something like the popular tags list would be pretty cool... but it could be a more simple UI construct like a dropdown list would suffice if a limit number of tags is enforced....

This way i could list regions that are tagged as countries, cities or anything else... I don't think it will benefit regions, it will benefit the users that want to have a quick look around for what regions exist.
23-08-2007, 16:21
To be blunt, I don't care about your opinion of how regions are designed. It's not going to change. 99% of suggestions, even a lot of good ones, receive a "no" response. When you receive one, you should assume that it has been considered carefully and rejected for good reasons. This would require massive changes to the codebase. Maybe we'd do it if there were 7 people using the game, none of which have any expectations that it should continue to work properly for the next few months.

The real suggestion here is that you want better search capabilities. Tags are going overboard and just plain wouldn't work in a situation where only one person (and in some cases none) can be trusted to keep them up to date for any given region. Also, they could be implemented by a third-party site.