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Vanek Drury Brieres
22-08-2007, 16:54
Hello, I have a second nation, it has started a region, and apparently you can get a free offsite forum for the region because you're from NationStates, is that true?
Oh, the second nation is new-The Disputed Territories of The VDB.
22-08-2007, 20:10

think there a few other ones around too.
22-08-2007, 23:33
The offsite forums aren't "free because you're from NationStates", they're just free because they make their money in other ways.

They're mostly simple to use and active offsites can add a lot to your enjoyment of the game, but remember that they're not official. NS mods don't act on the offsites. If you set one up, you'll be the site admin, and you'll be the one who makes sure that everyone who uses it sticks to the TOS.
Vanek Drury Brieres
23-08-2007, 14:01
OK, thanks. A lot.